The Arc of Pike County Work Center

Work Service Program

The work services program at The Arc of Pike County offers vocational training in skills that would benefit the individual in a community job. The training is done in a work setting similar to that of a factory. The Direct Care Staff provide support and assistance as needed by each individual.

The jobs provide an opportunity for these individuals with developmental disabilities to work, create valuable products for area businesses and industries, and earn a weekly paycheck. Presently, our jobs involve assembling corrugated packaging, bailing buckets, rag cutting, janitorial, car wash, and seasonal lawn service.

Habilitation Training Program

Habilitation Training, consisting of both group and individual classes, helps to enrich the lives of those we serve by teaching and supporting each individual to grow closer to total independence and expand their social development. Each person in the program has a customized plan identifying target goals, assisting those with developmental disabilities to reach their highest level of independence. Habilitation Training helps provide participants experience and skills to enhance their lives and encourage their fuller participation in the community.

Habilitation Training allows the individual to set goals of their choice based on their skills and interests. Habilitation services include, but are not limited to; socialization, money management, reading and writing, math, basic safety skills, exercise, communication skills, appropriate social interaction, personal/ health care, civic awareness, recreation and leisure, and the opportunity for basic computer skills.

Our Habilitation Trainers work closely with our consumers to help guide them toward their goals. The trainers utilize methods, materials, equipment and settings that are age-appropriate, community inclusive, and take into account the developmental levels of each individual in the program.

Life Skills Program

The life skills program at The Arc of Pike County focuses on the needs of the individual with severe disabilities. Our trained Life Skills Specialist composes a scheduled curriculum tailored to meet the individual needs of these consumers. These curriculums address areas such as daily living skills, personal care, socialization, academics, and place an emphasis on activities which access the community. In addition, life skills provides real work training. The work includes simple cardboard jobs involving stripping and punch out, janitorial, buckets, and a few of these individuals are part of the lawn service crew.